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At the Whittemore Library: Photo Exhibit by Mario Quiroz

Mario Quiroz

Immigrants in New England: An Old American Tradition – Photo Exhibit by Mario Quiroz

Entrepreneurship. Diversity. Talent. Hard Work. Civil Rights. Education. Family Values. World History. Creativity. Courage. Empowerment…Now that you know the words, come and discover the faces of the Commonwealth’s new members at a photo exhibition by Mario Quiroz entitled “Immigrants in New England: An Old American Tradition” about Immigrants’ Contribution to Massachusetts Passion.

Together, they are helping to maintain the Massachusetts tradition of ingenuity and progress for the benefit of all of us.

Artist Talk & Opening Reception:
September 25th, 2012
6 p.m.
Science Café, Whittemore Library

Exhibit will be displayed in library lobby 9/25/12-10/12/12 Sponsored by FSU Committee on Diversity and Inclusion & Multicultural Affairs.



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Science Cafe at Whittemore Library


Kriston Chon, Professor of Physics

The Department of Physics and Earth Sciences and the Henry Whittemore Library presented the first installment of Science Café: The World is Ending, But Not in 2012! A talk by Professor Kristin Chon, Physics and Earth Sciences on September 21, Friday, 12:30 pm, at the Library Cafe.

What have people believed about the end of the world, from ancient times to the present?  What about the recent, widespread fear that the world will end in December, 2012?  Professor Chon spoke to this issue and initiated a discussion on what we know and how we know it.

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Welcome to our Library Social Media Intern: Spencer

Spencer Buell, social media intern

Spencer is a Senior English major at Framingham State with a concentration in journalism. He has worked at The Gatepost, FSU’s weekly independent student newspaper, since his Freshman year, and currently serves as Editor-in-Chief. Spencer worked as an editorial intern at both the MetroWest Daily News in Framingham and the Metro Halifax newspaper in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He’s interested in great books, new media, international politics and civic engagement, and wants to help you get the most out of FSU and your library! Follow him on Twitter @spencerbuell.

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