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Bibliophile’s Book Find: Graphic Design, Referenced

Hello FSU Community! I have a stunning book to tell you about for this edition of Bibliophile’s Book Find. Graphic Design, Referenced is a new book in our reference collection that you need to come in and see. Rick, our Technical Services Librarian, handed this book to me and told me to take a look at it. I’m very glad that he did! Now, allow me to share a little bit of information about this book with you.

The full title of this book is Graphic Design, Referenced : A Visual Guide to the Language, Applications and History of Graphic Design. This book was published in 2009 by Rockport Publishers in Beverly, MA. As stated in the introduction on pages 8-9, this book covers the basic principles as well as the history, important projects and “influential practitioners” of graphic design. The book is organized into four sections that cover these topics : “Principles”, “Knowledge”, “Representatives” and “Practice”.

After the introduction, the reader can see what is labeled as “A Humble, Illustrated Timeline” of graphic design. The first date listed is 1869, when the first advertising agency is founded. (What was the name of this agency? See page 10 to find out!) Across the timeline, which spans over 9 pages, there are several images of famous works that the reader is sure to recognize, such as Theophile Steinlen’s “Cabaret du Chat Noir” poster (1896), the Levis logo (1967) and the Apple logo (1977).

The first chapter to follow the timeline covers the “Principles of Design”. This chapter begins to show the magnificence of the book. This book is full of beautiful images and examples of designs. On pages 26-27 there is a small definition of the term “branding” with over a page and a half of large, vibrantly colorful images that show examples of branding projects. Pages 34-35 discuss the development of ISOTYPE (the International System of Typographic Picture Education), which includes a discussion of the effectiveness of the man and woman toilets symbol sign. Page 42 discusses packaging of product and page 54 provides information and photographic examples of the usage of white space. Page 61 begins the section, “Principles of Typography”. Here you will find all sorts of information on fonts, typesetting and print production. See pages 66-67 to learn about the “Serif” and “Sans Serif” fonts. Did you know there’s a font called “Grunge”? (pg. 71) The section on the “Principles of Print Production” (pgs. 80-89) has great photos associated with silkscreen printing, engraving, letterpress, and laser-cutting.

The “Knowledge” section offers information on archives, museums, schools, journals and magazines, books, blogs, websites, podcasts and more, dedicated to graphic design. This is a great section to find more information and really delve into the world of graphic design. The “Representatives” section includes brief biographies of graphic designers along with several examples of their work. Read about Cipe Pineles, who was the art director for Seventeen magazine in the late 1940s. You can see examples of her work next to her biography. On page 249, read about the Society of Typographic Aficionados, which was established in Westborough, MA in 1998.

In the “Practice” section, read about the origins of those Andre the Giant stickers that pop up across cities throughout the world (pg. 263), or the design of the Hershey chocolate bar label (pg. 309). This section includes many other recognizable designs that are exciting to learn about.

This book can be found in the Reference Room, Room 118 of the Library. The call number for this book is Ref NC 997 G565 2009 . It is shelved in the “New Reference Books” section. If you have any questions about this or any other resource, contact a Reference Librarian in person, by phone at 508-626-4654, by email at or IM at fscrefdesk. If you would like to suggest a treasure in the library’s Reference Room, please email me at .

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Extended Library Hours Begin December 1st

The Library will extend its hours starting Monday, December 1st. These extended hours will continue through the final exam period, and end on Tuesday, December 21st. During this time, the Library will be open:

Monday-Thursday : 8am – 1am
Friday: 8am – 5pm
Saturday: 9am – 5pm
Sunday: 1pm – 1am

These extended hours will begin again at the start of the Spring 2011 semester.

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