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Resources for the FSU Online Student

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Video Tutorial: Keyword Searching in Infotrac

Infotrac – Keyword Searching from Framingham State University on Vimeo.

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Video Tutorial: How to Ask for Help from Librarian

How to ask for help from a librarian from Framingham State University on Vimeo.

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Video Tutorial: Keyword Searching the Online Catalog

Keyword Searching the Online Catalog from Framingham State University on Vimeo.

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Video Tutorial: Keyword Searching in EBSCO

Keyword Searching in the EBSCOhost Database from Framingham State University on Vimeo.

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The Bigger Picture in Coming Back to School

It’s the beginning of September, leaving most of us stop and wonder where the summer went.  We wish we had hit the beach more and crossed a few extra things off our to-do list before classes begin and life gets too hectic. Before we know it, the line at the bookstore is getting longer by the minute, the construction is (hopefully) wrapping up, professors are tweaking their syllabi, which directly effects our future, and we are making sure we have the necessary pens, notebooks, etc.  Freshmen move in, smiling ear to ear, daydreaming that their college experience will be identical to their favorite shows on ABC family and the CW.

Depending on the type of student you are, you’re either dreading this coming semester or you thrive on the social and intellectual stimulation that comes from life on a college campus.  Most of you are probably like me, which is somewhere in the middle.

As college students, we endure at least eight semesters during our undergrad.  Some, including myself, have more than eight.  As we get into the later semesters, they get more grueling, and the novelty of a new beginning wears off by the start of our senior year.

Maybe it’s your last first day of school, or your very first day of college classes, either way, I think it’s important to keep our eyes on the bigger picture. It’s easy to get caught in our college bubble, especially for the students that live here.  Our lives consist of classes, clubs, food, friends and a part-time job – probably not in that order.  It isn’t until we are entering, or coming close to our senior year that we begin to think about the world outside of the FSU bubble.  With jobs as scarce as they are, it’s not just about the degree, it’s about how we got there.   How mature we present ourselves in interviews, the clubs we were in and the leadership opportunities we took advantage of.  We are only in this bubble for a few short years, and until we have a significant amount of job experience, it’s what we do in our bubble that determines how we live after graduation.  It’s coming fast, and the sooner we realize that, the better adults we will become.

I’ve heard this all before, but this year is (hopefully) my last full year before I am pushed out into that adult world we hear so much about.  I am looking over my resumé and trying to gain any additional leadership and volunteer experience, just to set myself apart from the other recent college grads that will be applying for the same positions.

So from one college student to another, I propose a challenge.  I challenge you to be different this year.  To make this first day of school a different first day of school.  Participate more, study an extra fifteen minutes for that test and proofread that paper one more time.  I think the benefits will far outweigh the inconvenience of a little more time spent on schoolwork.  Although, isn’t that why we entered the bubble in the first place?  I know I will be paying more attention to myself and my achievements and what I can work toward this semester.  In addition to making a significant impact on our life after college, this will potentially bring a new energy to the FSU student community.  It’s never too late or too early to make a better path for ourselves in the working world.  Good luck and welcome to those who are coming for the first time, and welcome back for those who are returning.  Let’s look forward to making this year a great year!

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