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MyInfoQuest SMS Project at FSC

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Power Searching Google and Google Scholar

Watch and listen to this slidecast on advanced search methods of Google and Google Scholar.  At the end of the presentation, please fill out our survey in the link below.

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Searching the Biological Literature

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First-Year Seminar. First Class.

In the spirit of open access, I am posting my First Year Seminar syllabus, powerpoint and the agenda for today’s class.

Today I will cover:

First-Year Foundations: Seminar 9/11/09 Agenda

I.                    Introductions; Mackenzie passes out index cards

II.                  Explanation of syllabus and campus passport; introduction to Tumblr

III.                Brief tour of campus resources: The Real Deal

IV.                Create a class name

Introductions: Pair up, and introduce yourselves to each other (name, where your are from). Share why you chose Biology as a major. After a brief discussion, you will introduce each other to the class.

Every seminar class will begin with The Real Deal. Share something that made your life here at FSC better or give us the Real Deal – something you’ve experienced that could be better. Share ideas on how to improve. I can post your ideas on Tumblr.

IMPORTANT – Reflection assignment Due Oct.6: Describe a day in your life at FSC. Watch this video: Can you relate with the students in this video? How is your experience different or the same? What would you change to make learning a better experience?


The syllabus for the class is here:


Today’s presentation is to highlight some of our resources on campus. Here is the presentation:


I will also go over the blogging platform Tumblr. Here is a guide:

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Whittemore Library Orientation

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Keeping Current with Alerts and RSS

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A tour of the library

Our lovely Reference Librarian, Laura Wilson, provides provides a brief tour of the library building and describes our services.

A Tour of Whittemore Library at Framingham State College from Millie Gonzalez on Vimeo.

Below are the bloopers of the video.

Bloopers of video tour from Millie Gonzalez on Vimeo.

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