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Computer Apps in Nutrition Course Student Bloggers

Blogs are a very popular and effective way of exchanging information for both readers and writers. During this past spring, our Computer Applications in Nutrition class created blogs on our favorite topics in the field of food and nutrition. In class, we learned how to use WordPress and how to create blogs. Later, we were given a blog assignment which was to plan, manage and actively blog on a selected nutrition topic. We also presented our projects in class where we had the chance to learn what our classmates had worked on. The blog assignment was a very productive project and it allowed students to share their interests and personal thoughts with each other and their readers. The presentations were fascinating and it was great to see the variety of nutrition-related topics.  I would like to highlight three of our course blogs and share some information about what they focused on.

Heather Waxman’s blog titled “For the love of Kale” will definitely attract the attention of vegetarians. Her blog gives different vegetarian recipes and options in addition to scientific information and research about the nutritious benefits of vegetables, such as kale. I was especially interested by kale, as I was not familiar with this vegetable before and this blog introduced it to me. Once you read about Heather in the “about the blogger” section it becomes obvious why she has much knowledge about being a vegetarian and how she is able to share this knowledge with others in such a good way.

“Healthy Intuitions” by Jeanne Reilly focuses on simple and sensible health care. If you would like to get tips on food, fitness and wellness for a happy and healthy life style, you may want to follow this blog! Jeanne took a course through the Cambridge for Adult Education—“Have your Cake and Eat it too”—where she became familiar with the term, intuitive eating which aims to help people create a healthy relationship with food, mind and body. In her blog, she suggests interesting books about this subject. If you don’t have the time to read a book, she also has a podcast where she gives an introduction to the topic and summarizes what it stands for.

Jeremiah Xavier has created a blog called “Tip Top Shape” where he gives information on ways to improve the body through exercise, nutrition and different types of workouts. It is a very professional blog with a variety of pictures, photos, and links to articles and his blogging style is captivating. He provides unique tips on ways to exercise and stresses the importance of hydration during exercise. Have a look at the blog if you are tired of doing the same exercises at the gym as it gives very interesting alternatives.

Btw: My blog called “Light Side of Dark Chocolate” is worth a look too! =)


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