The Library

Henry Whittemore Library is a seven-level structure completed in 1969.  The building contains the College library as well as classrooms and other facilities, including the Copy Center, Print Shop, John Stalker Institute materials on nutrition, and the Communication Arts, Modern Languages, and Music Departments. Other features of the building include spacious reading and lounge areas and study carrels.  Although there is wireless access throughout the building, public computers are available for those without laptops.  The Library has a main collection of over 200,000 volumes and over 60,000 resources on education in the Curriculum Library. The Library provides access to a variety of online databases and electronic journals for on and off-campus users.  The Special Collections include rare books on the history of education, Contemporary American poetry and travel, cookbooks, and children’s literature.  The Christa  McAuliffe collection contains letters, documents, and other memorabilia related to the Teacher in Space program and the life of Christa McAuliffe.   The College Archives include photographs, videotapes, journals, documents   Massachusetts and Education history, and publications pertaining to the history of the College.

The Mission

The mission of the Henry Whittemore Library is to acquire, organize, preserve and interpret the collections and resources needed to support the academic programs and  information and research needs of the college; to develop and maintain the services necessary for access to and effective use of information and materials in appropriate formats for on and off-site users; to publicize and provide education and instruction to students and faculty in the use of library resources and to promote information literacy; to evaluate and provide services and resources responsive to user needs; to ensure functional and attractive physical space and facilities, efficient equipment, and an atmosphere that supports academic excellence. The Library also provides materials for cultural and recreational enhancement and maintains collections perpetuating the heritage of the college through the preservation of its publications, documents, historical records, and significant artifacts. In implementing these goals the Library recruits, trains, and develops the necessary professional and skilled support staff to maintain the major operational areas organized to support the mission.


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