Expert Research Assistance for Free

Would you like some free research assistance?  Someone who can get you off to a good start on a project, saving you valuable time?  Come talk to a reference librarian at Whittemore Library!

Use the expertise of the FSU reference librarians to power your research project.  Each reference staff member has a master’s degree in library science.  So, each librarian has actually completed graduate studies on how best to conduct research – locate the best books, select the relevant databases, track down reports, and more!  Some reference librarians also have additional master’s degrees in various subjects, including art history and law.  Wow.

Plus, every day, the reference librarians work with the FSU online and print resources.  Think of your reference staff as GPS for your research project.  Get to the best sources faster.  Reference is like the Waze or Google Maps of Whittemore.

How much does it cost an FSU student to sit down and talk to one of these expert researchers?  Absolutely nothing.  That’s right – nada, zip, rien.

What are you waiting for?  Would you rather go it alone, and try to figure out the vast resources waiting for you?  Or are you going to contact the reference staff?  Thought so – you are smart!


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