Come Celebrate Open Access Week at Framingham State

Come Celebrate Open Access Week at Framingham State

By: Shelby Wood

Ever have trouble finding secondary articles for a research paper? Personally, I have been up for hours in the library trying to find an article for a paper that was due the next day. Well, Framingham State University is offering Open Access Week a celebration of research now offered free on the Internet.

Secondary sources are a hard thing to find. Many times, you find one, get half way through the paper and find that to read the rest of it you need to pay money, or agree to an account somewhere. That’s not what students want when they are panicking about a research paper; these sites that people go to end up scamming them and then they are out of luck for a secondary source.

The purpose of Open Access Week is to support open access research. Open Access means free availability to full text article for anyone. The articles are scholarly and peer reviewed for any student or faculty.

The Whittemore Library has given students the option to use secondary sources of their choosing from the schools website. Often times the articles that are chosen are not sources that students wish to use with information that would help them.

The goal of the week is to just do public good. To help students find information that will help them with projects and papers.  The week seeks to provide exposure for a wider audience to resources that they will be able to access now, and long after they leave Framingham State.

By celebrating Open Access week we also increasing the public’s visibility of the work done by authors who might have otherwise remain unknown. The more students learn about Open Access Week and how it affects everyone the more they will gain using Open Access resources. Faster learning and a more adaptable pace for research are two possible benefits.

Also offered with Open Access week is the Wikipedia Edit-a-thon on Thursday from 9am-2pm. Topic discussed will be the history of education in Massachusetts and more!

Open Access not only affects students here at Framingham State but also the public. All over the world Open Access week should be celebrated, making it known that research and articles can be read and written about no charge. Free education is something to be highly celebrated.


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