REFWORKS in Transition – REFWORKS 2.0

REFWORKS will be transitioning to another look and feel – refreshing interface, more drag and drop features. REFWORKS 2.0 will become the format by the end of the year. You can choose to use either the classic REFWORKS or the new REFWORKS 2.0 by selecting a link on the top right hand side after you have signed onto the database.

Because REFWORKS 2.0 is still in the transition phase, the company is developing its training materials. Sometimes the new features do not run as smooth as the classic interface. By the end of the year, the transition wil be complete and the kinks will have been worked out. To learn how to use REFWORKS 2.0, check out these sources:

The REFWORKS Libguide:

The REFWORKS Youtube channel:

To get you started, view these short videos:

  • 1.2 Adding References to REFWORKS using direct export
  • 1.4 Organizing imported references
  • 1.6 Creating a bibliography instantly

Another video to watch:

  • 2.3 Adding references by manual entry 

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