What’s Your Vision for Education?

When you think about your ideal education, what does it look like?  Is it the kind that’s in the classroom?  If it is, maybe you prefer the desks to be in a circle so you can see everyone, with the Professor at a desk next to you.  Maybe you prefer the traditional rows with the Professor at the head of the classroom, lecturing.  Perhaps the classroom isn’t the right setting for your ideal education.  Do you prefer a more hands-on experience?  Would you rather do on-the-job training?  When you think about education, does the image of an academic institution come to mind?  If not, do you think about what you can learn from the internet, or talking with friends?  The point is, there are so many different definitions of education.  Your ideal education isn’t the same as mine, and isn’t the same as the Professor who is providing us with the opportunity to learn.  When sitting in a lecture hall, all 50 students take something different away from that lecture, and often times, it might not be what the professor was hoping.  Maybe you asked a question that wasn’t anticipated, making the Professor learn something – that’s right, you can contribute to the educator’s education.  I challenge you to sit back and really think.  What do you want from school?  Do you prefer teaching, or learning?  What do you want to do with your degree?  Are you the type of student who makes a difference in the world?  Are you the type of student who values things other than education; sitting in the back, stalking friends on facebook, waiting for your four year sentence to conclude itself?  Whoever you are, whatever you want, you could probably benefit from seeing this video.  It’s a project done by students – many students – about how they see education.  I promise that whatever you’re thinking, there’s many other students who think the same way you do.  From watching this, your view of education might just change, all because students like you wanted to be heard.



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