Celebrate Banned Books Week 9/24-10/2

Banned Books

Banned Books Week

The idea for Banned Books Week originated from a display of banned books at the American Booksellers Association Convention in 1982. Each year, library and publishing organizations “draw attention to the importance of the freedom to read, to publicize threats to this freedom, and to combat ignorance and misinformation.”  (http://www.oif.ala.org/oif/?p=1482) Every three years, the American Library Association publishes the Banned Books Resource Guide http://www.alastore.ala.org/detail.aspx?ID=2931 which lists over 1500 books that were either banned in local libraries or censored like: The Great Gatsby, the Harry Potter series, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, To Kill a Mockingbird and more.

Support the First Amendment (http://caselaw.lp.findlaw.com/data/constitution/amendment01/) and your right to read! In the lower mezzanine of the Henry Whittemore Library, you can check out a display of books that were banned or censored. The curriculum library also has a display of banned children’s and young adult books.

Information online about Banned Books Week

From the Banned Books Week site:

From American Library Association

Resources from the National Coalition Against Censorship: http://www.ncac.org/Banned-Books-Week

“10 Ways to Celebrate Banned Books Week” from The New York Times: http://learning.blogs.nytimes.com/2010/09/23/10-ways-to-celebrate-banned-books-week/

A blog post from Kenneth C. Davis: http://www.dontknowmuch.com/2010/09/banned-books-week/

Twitter feed from The Office of Intellectual Freedom of the American Library Association: http://twitter.com/oif


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