Constitution Day Resources

The Whittemore Library will be celebrating Constitution Day this Friday September 17th by:

  • A looped PowerPoint slide show at the entrance of the library containing images relating to the Constitution.
  • Facts on Constitution displayed on a bulletin board
  • Web resources listed on this blog post
  • Constitution facts “tweeted” on Friday through the library Twitter account
  • A display of several books  on the Constitution available for checkout at the circulation desk.

Below are key web resources on Constitution Day.

You can locate information on the Constitution through our online reference collection called Credo Reference. For example, you can read the Constitution online available through The Columbia Encyclopedia.

The Annenberg Foundation Trust at Sunnylands provides resources to improve civic education and the understanding of democratic institutions. The Sunnylands Classroom has a wealth of resources on the Constitution. On the website, you can access:

Dowloadable e-books: Understanding Democracy by John Patrick; Pursuit of Justice by Kermit Hall and John Patrick

Online Games:

  • Executive Command
  • Court Quest
  • Constitutional Convention
  • Being John Marshall
  • Branches of Power
  • First Amendment
  • Lawcraft

Videos Online:

  • Documentaries on Key Supreme Court Cases
  • Mini Documentaries
  • Conversations on the Constitution with Supreme Court Justices

Descriptions of the games and videos are located here:

At the library, we are making available  a 23 minute DVD documentary on a landmark case regarding jury selection titled Edmonson v. Leesvill Concrete Company. If you would like to borrow it and show it to your class, please email

Other Web resources:

National Constitution Center

Resources for Constitution Day from Library of Congress

Free Federal Resources for Federal Excellence on Constitution Day

Constitution Day resources from Federal Court’s Website

Resources for Teaching the Constitution from The New York Times


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