A Day in the Life of a Librarian

Busy day today:

  • Arrive at my desk at 8:00am. Fire up desktop and laptop so I can monitor two screens. One for email, projects and the other for twitter, SMS. Monitor email and Twitter througout the day.
  • Call pediatrician for an appointment to take care of daughter’s swimmer’s ear problem.
  • Finish PPT presentation for today’s presentation; upload to Slideshare and then embed presentation on blog.
  • In preparation for today’s presentation on search engines, run through some sample searches.
  • Cover shift for 2 hours for Virtual SMS project: MyInfoquest -Text4Answers.
  • Squeeze in meeting during SMS shift on Libguides; team assigns Libguides for Fall Semester.
  • Take picture of co-worker for her Libguide on Blackberry. Send pic through Bluetooth to laptop. Format the picture on Picknik and email it to her.
  • Look at co-worker’s design of our library’s print bookmark. Highly approve; make some suggestions.
  • Work through lunch so I can leave early to take daughter to pediatrician.
  • Present “Search Engine Showdown: Wolfram|Alpha vs. bing” to a small group of library staff
  • Take a peek at some of my Libguides. Make mental note of what needs to be done.
  • Meet with co-worker regarding training project. Finalized calendar for the fall semester.
  • Discussed training projected with library director.
  • Checked email before I head home to pick up son from camp and daughter from home. Drive to pediatrician.
  • Whew!

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