Printing in JSTOR

JSTOR is a wonderful database but printing an article has always been a bit of a bear. They have simplified the process but you still need to know some tips to make the printing process go easier.

Whether you choose to place your citation within the JSTOR saved citation folder (if you created a MyJSTOR account) or not, the trick is to select the pdf print icon so that the article becomes a pdf. On the library network computers and on the Minuteman computers, this conversion to a pdf has always been very slow. If the article has some graphics and is over 25 pages, the process to become a pdf will continue to be slow but it is well worth the wait.

Once you see the pdf document, you need to select the pdf icon within the pdf header. Do not choose to print from the browser because then you will be printing only the first page. If you run into any problems printing from JSTOR, send us an email at


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