National Library Week Celebration

NLW cake 

The Whittemore Library celebrated National Library Week with a number of activities. Students were pleasantly surprised when they entered the library on the first day of activities and were greeted with a slice of birthday cake.

The library entrance looked great. On one side of a wall, a bulletin board displayed this year’s crop of NLW FSC READS photographs. Over 33 faculty, students and staff posed with their favorite books. Teresa Pagliuca’s wonderful shots can be viewed here. On the other wall, the bulletin board contained a display of images from the 1930’s including pics on To Kill a Mockingbird. We also had a case containing artifacts from the 1930’s, two book displays and a powerpoint slide show.

The week was full of activities. We had a wonderful The Big Read book discussion lead by Professor Lorretta Holloway, a movie showing of To Kill a Mockingbird, and a delightful musical presentation from FSC’s Appalacian Travelers. I don’t know how next year we will top this year’s festivities; each year I look forward to celebrating our National Library Week.


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