Try Google Scholar

Our goal is to make it easier for you to find the information you need. Some prefer to use the library databases to search for articles and some prefer to use other sources like Google.

If you prefer searching within the Google because you like the simplicity of the Google search box, we encourage you to use Google Scholar instead. Google Scholar searches for scholarly literature like peer-reviewed articles, theses, and books. Although you might come across some full-text articles, for the most part Google Scholar will point you to citations or abstracts of articles. That is okay because if you find an article, you can always plug the title into our Full Text Journal Finder to find out if the journal is available online through the library’s databases.

Better yet, make Framingham State College your preferred library within Google Scholar’s preferences. Once you set this up, a link “Find it at Framingham State” will appear next to your Google Scholar results if the articles are available full text at our library.

If you are home and plan to use Google Scholar, log in with your network account through the library website and select the link “Google Scholar”. This way you will be authenticated from home when you locate an article from a library database and won’t be prompted for a username and password.


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